Accepted payments


1)      Products

- On our website we sell only legal product manufactured by well known firework companies. All products have all required certificates.

 - Products we offer can be bought and used only by adults. According to this only adults can buy products at our website. In case of uncertainty of customers age Courier may request  to check Your ID card.

-  For some products copy of licese is required.

2)      Ordering

- To make order at our website no registration or creating accounts is required. All Customer needs to do is to choose products, fill form of delivery, and choose way of payment.


- All required information should be full and correct. For delivery of package following information must be given:

            +name and surname

            + street and house number

            + city

            + postcode

            + country

            + telephone number

            + email

- All information order are sent automatically in email after acceptation of the order.

- At this point status of order is: waiting.

- In case of unwanted accepting of order, mistakes in form of delivery, or incomplete product list please Customer should make order again.

- Our products are sold only by our website. We do not sell products at our company place.



The administrator, that is the entity deciding how your personal data will be used, is:


• ul. Dwocowa

• 85-010 Bydoszcz / Poland

If you intend to set up a User Account and use our services, you will be asked to provide us with your personal information. Your data is processed by us for the purposes set out below, related to the functioning of the Store and the provision of services offered in it ("Services").

The purpose of processing:
Depending on what you decide, it can be:

Provision of services offered in the Store
Implementation of your orders

The basis of processing:

Sales contract or actions taken at your request to conclude it (Article 6 paragraph 1 letter b GDPR)

Legal obligation binding on us, e.g. related to accountancy (Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR)

Your consent expressed in the Store - if you choose to express it (Article 6 (1) (a) and the GDPR)

Contract for the provision of services or activities undertaken at your request, aimed at its conclusion (Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR)

Our legitimate interest in the processing of data to establish, assert or defend any claims (Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR)

Our legitimate interest (Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR), consisting of:

data processing for analytical and statistical purposes, customer satisfaction survey

Providing data:

Voluntary, but in some cases it may be necessary to conclude a contract.

The effect of not providing data:

Depending on the purpose for which the data is provided:

no possibility to use the Store's services
no possibility to make purchases in the store

The possibility of withdrawal of consent:


The processing of data until you withdraw your consent remains legal.


3)      Payments

-  Payment method available at our website are: Bank Transfer, Visa/MasterCard.

- We do not accept cash on delivery method of payment.

- Bank transfer can takes few days to finalize.

- All information about payment are sent in email, or can be found in our payment section. It can be found here:

- Every order has individual number. Please make sure to use order number in payment title, or at least name and surname used in form of delivery. This way payments are being assigned to correct order.


4)      Order realization

- Realization of order beings when we book payment for it.

- After that status of order changes to: paid.

- If status of order does not change in couple of days after making of payment then Customer should send us email with order number and payment confirmation.

- At this point any changes in list of product of order is not possible.

- Time required for sending the package is up to 14 working days ( in November and December sending time can be longer than 14 work days).

- When the order left our shop our commitment for it ends. As an adult ,you well know how the law works in your country. So if  you are making an order you are making it for your own responsibility!

5)      Shipment

- After sending the package status of order changes to: sent.

- Shipment time is different for each country. Usual time of shipment can be find in our  delivery section. It can be found here:

- Packages are sent in neutral boxes by various couriers. Tracking number and information about courier will be sent in email after sending the package.

-  Please check tracking number on courier website regularly. In case of any problems please contact courier company immediately.

- We do not take responsibility for couriers company work, and mistakes in delivery resulting from the incorrect address information.

- In case of problems with delivery courier will try to contact Customer by using telephone number, so please make sure to give us correct number.

-If courier is not able to deliver the package, it will be sent back to us. To send it again Cusomter will have to pay for second delivery.


6)      Contact

- Our main way of communication is email. Email accounts are being check once or twice a day. Email account are not are not checked  all the time.

-  Email concerning orders should have order number in title of email.


7)      Complaints  

- Customer has a right to resign from delivered order in term of 14 days from the moment of receiving of package. Packages should be sent back to designated adress.


- Costs of sending the package are covered by Customer. Money for products will be returned after we receive unwanted package.